Use Humor or Buy Web Traffic for Brand Marketing?
Use Humor or Buy Web Traffic for Brand Marketing?
Use Humor or Buy Web Traffic for Brand Marketing?
Written by Funnel Rush on Feb 6th 2018

If you understand how to tie the right emotions to your brand and do it right in the online world.... you can overcome having to buy web traffic or at least can minimize it.

Yesterday we looked at a few of the Superbowl Ads from a marketing perspective. As a business owner and entrepreneur if we can create an emotion and tie that feeling to our brand, we create goodwill towards brand recognition and can move our targeted visitors from cold/warm to hot. 
The creative entrepreneur can find ways to create articles, videos, headlines, landing pages etc. that deliver an emotional shock value to get the traffic and real visitors they desire through content shares.

If you try to make a sale without this tie or bridge, it doesn’t work. I know because I have spent thousands of dollars doing it the wrong way. Learn from my mistakes. 

If the largest advertisers in the world use humor in their ads to get more visitors to your website and their attention, then why shouldn't we as a small business?

Humor is quality that we need to strongly consider when it comes to our marketing. It doesn’t work with every product of course, but it can work with most. It is not utilized as much among small business for some reason.  

By using humor in the right way you create a positive emotional response to your customers and prospects.  

Humorous content is shared more than any other because of the emotions it creates. Very positive feelings are brought about because of humor. Happiness, self-expression, connection are all emotions that happen because of humor in marketing. 

When you laugh you just feel better and helps you relax and reduce your stress. and Guess what…that can make you more apt to hear messages and sales points that advertisers are trying to get in front of you.   

Creating that emotional response  tends to make the entire experience more memorable. 

I like to think about advertising to new customers like dating. It is not a life long commitment. It is just the first date. And humor is a great way to break the ice on that first date and then unveil some personal information about yourself like content marketing isn’t a marriage, it is the first date. 

So be a nice date, break the ice between you to reveal some information about yourself. 

Using humor is a way of showing your customers that you understand them. Learn how to use humor only they will get, and you will invite them into your business.

Have you seen the commercial for squatty potty developed by the Harmon brothers.  I don’t know if it runs anymore on regular T.V. but it is easy to find on the internet. 

They took a very taboo and private subject(going to the bathroom) and made fun of it and then connected it to their product which was a step stool to help people in the bathroom. 

It was a home run in terms of marketing effectiveness as they used humor to get people feeling comfortable about it but more importantly…remember it.

You can use the same approach to get more free and targeted traffic to your website.
Another one I have seen is the new Clickfunnels commercial.   

It’s no secret I use Clickfunnels and promote it, but I can confidently say their new commercial is something we can all learn from. They combine disdain for a job, adventure in gold prospecting, the tech headache with setting up websites, and even some weird stuff about naked squirrels to create a humorous video about their service.  

And it has worked for them.

Here is the commercial. Watch it and learn from their techniques.

How can you use humor with your products and services? 

Can you create a video with a funny review of some type?

If you have a product that solves a problem, can you turn the problem itself into a humorous situation to get people thinking and identifying with the problem?   

To Your Success,

Shawn with Funnel Rush
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