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Marketing Tips You Can Learn From The Super Bowl
Written by Funnel Rush on Feb 5th 2018
Did You Watch Superbowl LII or Just the Commercials?

Just because your a small business does not mean you shouldn't think like small business marketing agency.

This has been one of those years where I have not really followed football all that much.  Just been too busy with other things, but I did slow down enough to watch some of the game last night. 

If your truly a marketing person, you almost have to watch the commercials because you can learn about the psychology of marketing and then if your smart you can try to see if you can use some of it for your business. 

My wife just watches for the commercials and likes to rank them.

If you didn't watch the game or your not into football that is fine, but I did want to mention a few things that should be important to this audience. 

Of course the goal of every marketing campaign is to be "remembered".   And it doesn't seem to matter at least to the advertisers how stupid the ad is or completely non-related to product they are selling.  They just want to get you to make a connection to a feeling/emotion about the people in the ad or events happening and then subconsciously you will have a connection to their product.   

On this morning, they rated them and I took the first five and broke them down below.

1. Coming in first was the Amazon commercial about Alexa losing it's voice. Since Alexa is still new and emerging, for them its probably about getting the word out and making it seem cool to own an Amazon device. They used Humor and celebrities. They mixed culture as well but mostly targeted at Millennials at least from my perspective.  

2. NFL with Eli Manning & Others - This was the one where they did the remake of "Dirty Dancing". Pretty funny I thought... so Humor was main emotion here. With the NFL image tarnished the last year with a large segment of their audience, do you think they were trying to accomplish some things in this commercial? Look closely and see if you can see the key themes they wanted you to walk away with.

3. Budweiser - A-B always tends to lead the list of the most commercials and biggest ad spend in Superbowls and they generally split their ads between serious and humorous. 
In this one, they tried to convey "Budweiser" cares about you because they help with disaster relief efforts. They showed they shipped water to different cities and territories during disaster relief situations. So the theme is "buy our products", we are concerned about our fellow man and this proves it. We want to spend millions on ads just to brag about Of course it doesn't prove's all marketing.   

4. Doritos/Mtn Dew - Used Humor here and definitely targeted at the younger hip hop and Millennial generation. The video had nothing to do with the product. It was this years version of Puppy/Monkey/Baby which was a stupid commercial but everyone remembered. Morgan Freeman doing rap while drinking Mtn Dew..pretty funny.   

5. Toyota - The themes here I thought were mental toughness, overcoming obstacles, and achievement. The ad showed Paralympians doing amazing athletic feats and overcoming challenges to do what most of us would consider impossible even with all our limbs. It was an inspiring commercial as you get a sense of pride in human achievement and reflect on your own accomplishments...or potential to do better with what you have been given. They used the words "FREE TO MOVE" to relate it back to what they want you to think about Toyota.

I can't do all of them, but it is a great business exercise to go and look at these commercials for their intrinsic research value rather than just the product they are trying to market to you.    

Shoot me a reply back if you have your own thoughts on some of these and I will try and share them on Facebook or back out in my email tomorrow

A few questions to think about....

How can you use some of these same things and approaches in your online marketing.   

Are you just jumping into selling someone on your product/service without marketing to them first and creating the emotion tie.

Are you creating a brand and connecting an emotion with it or the other way around.   

Stay tuned tomorrow as I want to follow this up with some discussion on how to use humor more in our business. It is probably the most underused emotion for some reason and I think if we can tap into more of what traditional advertising has done here, we can create winning marketing campaigns for our business.  

To Your Success

Shawn - Funnel Rush

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