Clickfunnels Price vs the VALUE
Clickfunnels Price vs The Value

I want to talk about Clickfunnels price vs it's value. As some of you know I am an Enterprise License user of the sales funnel building tool.

For those not using the tool, that is their largest plan with unlimited funnels, site visits, etc. 

As part of that plan you get Actionetics and Backpack features.  Backpack is the software that allows you to have your own affiliate sales force and manages all of that for you.    

The regular price for the standard Clickfunnels license is just under $100/mo.   They run deals all the time that allow you to get their enterprise license for almost the same price with all those services bundled plus more.

Price can be defined as the money or amount to be paid, in order to get something. Cost is the dollars incurred in the production and development of goods and services, i.e.  

Value indicates the worth of the service or product for an individual.

When I talk about Clickfunnels, I tend to use the word "value" instead of cost or price.  

That is not because I think their prices are too high.  

It's just the more I have used the sales and marketing funnel tool(been a user for over a year now), and followed Russell Brunson's training...the more I see the small things that increase its overall business value.    

In this article, I want to highlight one of those things today that to me really indicates the full business value of the tool...Actionetics.

So here is a question I seem to get that to me exposes some the real business value of Clickfunnels.  There are others but just want to highlight this one today.  
If I have an SMTP service like SendGrid or Mailchimp and that is what I use to send my email, what does Clickfunnels Actionetics do and what value does Actionetics provide?

Quite honestly, I had this very same question myself (I think everyone does).
Here is the most basic way I can answer that question. 

Actionetics works just like every other email marketing software. It is the creative graphical and interactive engine of your autoresponder program. Every program has a delivery system inside it. 

This is the SMTP service which acts as the carrier that sends the emails to your customers.  

There is an Email Marketing Software and then there are Email Systems.
These are two different things generally combined into one program.

Examples of Email Marketing Programs are Actionetics, Convert Kit, Infusionsoft, AWeber and many others. Each of these programs uses an SMTP Service inside their programs. Each of these programs are obviously different in that they have smaller or expanded features and prices.
For example, ConvertKit integrates with an SMTP service called MailGun that sends emails to all their customers. 

So here is the catch and the real difference with Actionetics.

Actionetics lets YOU choose which SMTP service you want to work with and you can also choose up to 3 different SMTP integrations within your Clickfunnels account.

So, when you use Click funnels Enterprise Plan you get the hosting service, platform, and Email Marketing software (Actionetics) and then all you do is setup the SMTP service of your choice. It gives you more freedom to choose based on your business needs. 

But with Convert Kit as I mentioned earlier, you are forced to use their SMTP service Mail Gun, whether you like it or not. 

For some of you who generally have a much smaller enterprise or just starting out, this may not seem like a big deal and you probably don’t even know it, but since it is integrated, it is completely out of your control and just works. Again, using the Convert Kit example, every single customer shares a single MailGun account that is owned and controlled by Convert Kit. 

But here comes the issue with this that you need to understand…. 

The security and conditions for using their systems comes at a price in terms of how you use it.   In a way, they are lot like Facebook in that there are more restrictions on what you can send, penalties for spam whether it was intended or not, and I understand accounts can be penalized or worse. 

With Clickfunnels Actionetics, you have your own dedicated SMTP service that only sends YOUR emails and is not shared. 

Rather than risk more restrictive marketing software programs who share SMPT systems that risk shutting down accounts or penalizing you for putting things like to affiliate links in your emails, Actionetics allows you to choose your own service which gives you more control and security. It also allows you to change it when you want and retain all your critical customer data and sequencing. 

So, imagine you have invested in a large platform, email marketing software with integrated SMTP service and your account gets shutdown for some crazy reason. You need to be concerned. But if you are using Actionetics…no problem. It is easy to set up another SMTP service and your back in business within a few minutes. Your customer contacts, traffic statistics, mail lists and action sequences are protected and preserved so you can keep marching forward as if nothing ever happened. 

So, this is why I believe Actionetics is the safest solution when doing email marketing promoting affiliate offers for many different niches such as most of us are doing today. It’s designed that way to protect you, not make it harder. 

That is Business Value.....

And if we add in the Clickfunnels Backpack features for those interested in using their affiliate marketing software, we get even more value.   Typically those platforms alone run into the hundreds per month and they are not even integrated into the sales funnel platform that is managing the buying transaction in the first place. 

But back to Actionetics....

If setting up an SMTP service sounds intimidating to you can watch one of my tutorial videos on my YouTube Channel called “Integrating Sendgrid with Clickfunnels”.   It walks you through how to set it up. 

This again is just one example of the Clickfunnels value question that I tend to get asked.   You may pay a slightly higher price up front, but you end up eventually paying that and more with other tools plus the headaches and the overall business value is not there with the other tools I have tried, particularly when you factor in the world class training that Russell and his team has put together. 

To Your Success, 

Shawn with Funnel Rush
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